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Quality Management

Quality Objectives

FORK primary objective is constant improvement of quality policies and quality objectives along with sustained development of the entire quality management system.

Everyone at FORK is dedicated in perusing and committed to the following quality objectives:

  • Constant quality improvement as a mean to an increased level of customer satisfaction.
  • Limited deficits and customer complaints, adherence to delivery dates, customer orientation including friendliness, competence and transparency.
  • Implementation of all DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 requirements and coherent training.
  • Optimizing procedures and a decreasing error rate over all affiliated business units, fields and areas of operation for an extraordinary level of service.
  • Improving people's skills in every aspect and in particular regarding the latest technical, scientific developments.
  • Continuous improvement of technical capabilities, working standards and working conditions.
  • Consistent implementation of all regulations, internally as well as externally, as a means of quality control.
  • Information provided in a competent manner. Information aimed at a particular field of operation or addressing defects or customer complaint, communicated thoroughly among all affected business units in the means of constant improvement and to the quality management system.